Tutorial: Udemy Course Subscription

When you click on some link leading you to the course page, you should see the screen 1.

Screen 1

Click on the text "Sign Up" in the right up corner. The new small window will show up.

Screen 2

Write your valid email address and click the green button "Sign Up". Then follow the email instructions. After that you can subscribe to the course. Just click on the blue button "Take This Course", see screen 1.

If you have got some discount coupon and you do not see discounted price, click on the text "Redeem a Coupon".

Screen 3

The small window will appear over the blue button. Write the Coupon Code into the field and click on the dark grey button "Apply". Now you have to see discounted price for the course. Click on the blue button "Take This Course" and you are in the course now. Wow!

May be you do not like the amount of advertisement you will receive at your email after subscribing to Udemy. You know, the only income of Udemy are commissions from the sold courses so their marketing is pretty strong.

If you really want to stop receiving advertising emails, go to your profile. Click on your icon at the right up corner and after that click on the small icon of pencil.

Screen 4

You will see new menu in left column.

Screen 5

Choose item "Notifications". The list of different occasions Udemy will notice you about will appear. You may see slightly different list because mine is for instructors. Uncheck the occasions you do not want to be informed about.

If you really do not want accept any emails from Udemy, check the box "Don't send me any emails." But consider this carefully! Updates from the taken course and also some time limited offers from other courses might be a big disadvantage to miss!

I hope you appreciate this tutorial and now the subscribing your first course will be much easier for you.

Vit Skala, Ph.D.